Sunday, July 28, 2013

Worship at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

Barry and I are off to worship at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church here in Lakeview. It is perhaps the most “traditional” congregation we have visited on this sabbatical journey. This congregation is deeply rooted in its Lutheran tradition, but also has contemporary worship elements. I had lunch with the pastor on Monday and we talked about the intentionality of Holy Trinity as a community. Recently the community went through a strategic planning process and adopted five guiding principles: act with courage, be radically inclusive, cultivate empowering relationships, delight in God's beauty, engage with intention. The congregation was one of the first Lutheran congregations that openly embrace LGBTQ folk in Lakeview and that welcome continues to be an important part of their community ethos. From their web site they say: “Many people today struggle with organized religion and we understand the many reasons a lot of people are done with church. But give Holy Trinity a try. In some ways we do church in very traditional ways. Yet, in other respects, we are not your parents' church!” Holy Trinity is opening a new worship site in the South Loop area soon – working to appeal to the unchurched. Holy Trinity’s web site link:

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Betty Harrison, Chairperson Health & Wellness said...

These principles are wonderful - lets consider embracing these ourselves!