Saturday, July 20, 2013

Any church model?

In the wake of the verdict in George Zimmerman’s trial I am left with a deep sadness and a simmering anger. My sadness arises out of a place of deep woundedness from the senseless loss of life of Trayvon Martin. My simmering anger arises out of seeing both the media and political figures seemingly unwilling to see this moment as a time to pause from “standing their own ground” and showing openness to hearing from the other how the verdict perpetuates the woundedness of violence within our country, on so many levels. Can we get beyond our critical posturing and have a respectful dialogue? As it should, the verdict has stimulated both private and public conversations about race, violence and laws that perpetuate violence in our country and how our strongly held convictions and embedded views often limit our vision and our public debates. It is my hope that any model of “new church” that we review holds deeply to one fundamental core value which will always surface: that God’s way in the world is a way of non-violence and shalom and that “church” should be a place where we value the holiness of human life. “Church” should be a place where our convictions reflect to the world a sacred quest for God’s justice.


Anna said...

I recommend the timely released movie. "Fruitville Station" by Ryan Cooper

Anna said...

Oops should be FruitVALE... Spellcheck:(