Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Preparing for North Carolina

I am resting - taking vitamins as I prepare to travel to North Carolina. Yesterday I had an on-line chat with the pastor at Land of the Sky UCC church where I will be helping teach their "Seeds of Peace Camp" for the first 4 days next week. Interestingly, I think they call this event by a new name as to avoid the language hangups that could imply that this event is an "old" Vacation Bible School paradigm. It is called "Seeds of Peace Camp." I learned yesterday that they have 42 children under the age of 9 registered to come. All children are related to this new church plant in Asheville. This number reflects the age demographic of the congregation. This congregation continues to be a new progressive church plant, with about 60 to 70 in attendance for Sunday worship, reaching out with a progressive theology. I am excited about these four days. I have been practicing my violin since I will be helping with the music. "This Little Light of Mine" now has a "mountain fiddle" feel and sound to it. So much fun. Also I am taking my clerical collar. There is a Moral Monday rally in Asheville on Monday. I want to be present for that rally, which is an organic push back to the new voter and abortion restriction laws that are being pass by the North Carolina legislators. So I will be enacting in my body: "this little light of mine, I going to let it shine." Will anyone volunteer to post bail if I get arrested?


ellamae said...

Enjoy North Carolina! Maybe you'll run into my college friend, Liz Eads Parker at the Moral Monday protest - she plans to be there with her baby. (Although maybe it'll be a big enough group that there'll be no chance of any one individual running into anyone else - that would be a pretty good outcome, too!)

ellamae said...

Oops, didn't realize it wouldn't post my name - this is Elena. :)