Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I am back....

I am back from my sabbatical travels. I am still on the sabbatical journey - still processing the things that I encountered and discovered - but I am physically back in the office, starting today. So far it has been a great journey - and I expect the journey to continue as we talk about your discoveries and experiences while I was away and mix those learning in with my own. Our conversations will begin on Wednesday evenings, September 18 @ 7:00 pm. Too, I am grateful to the congregation for the time away and for all the congregations along the journey that showed Barry and me hospitality when we visited. I am looking forward to this Sunday, where I will give you some glimpse into my journey as we share in a Pot Luck welcome back. This welcome back is not only for me, but a welcome back to all of us – a welcome back to the ebb and flow of the fall. Also it is Communion Sunday - a time to celebrate the kind of community we are called to be, one with an open table for all to share in a taste of the Spirit’s love and mercy. I look forward to seeing you Sunday.

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