Saturday, August 17, 2013

Circle of Mercy - a peace church

Diana Butler Bass quotes Parker Palmer in her chapter on healing saying: “The gift we receive on the inner journey is the insight that the universe is working together for good…The structure of reality is not the structure of a battle…harmony is more fundamental than warfare in the nature of reality.” With that quote lodged in my mind, Barry and I will be visiting a “peace church” here in Asheville tomorrow. The service is a 5:30 and is followed by a potluck meal shared by the community. From what I read on their web-site, this church works to embody the reality of God's yearning for peace in the world. Their statement about their commitments is found at their web link: Their statement is a compelling commitment to being agents of healing in the world. It will be interesting to see in person how they live out this counter-cultural witness here in Asheville and who is coming to be a part of this community. In a part of the world that is saturated with guns, their counter witness itself is an act of courage. Circle of Mercy (even the name stirs up imagine of healing) is a congregation that is affiliated with the Alliance of Baptist and the United Church of Christ. Their website is:

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Anonymous said...

We thought a bit about what working towards peace means yesterday as we worshipped under the sounds of the Air and Water show...