Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lenten Journey

I so appreciate Walter's reflections on the church's season on Lent, I wanted to share them.

“Lent is when we in the church do our heavy lifting and our hard work. It is when we replicate the disciples in their decision to follow Jesus into Jerusalem, there to face the power of Rome and the colluding local authorities. It is when we echo the daring of the early church to be witness to the good news of the gospel in the face of the empire that evokes intimidating interrogation of the disciples. The church is forever re-deciding about following…or not. We know the outcome of the story, but knowing that outcome of the narrative does not lessen the risk or the threat of the decision. If Lent is the hard work of that decision about following and replicating and echoing, then Lent is intense. It is intense because of the grip of the empire is so strong….”
Walter Brueggemann - Journal for Preachers Vol XXXV Number 2 - Lent 2012

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