Thursday, April 1, 2010


Hi, All:
To bring you up to date on the deplorable, sad and disgraceful situation in Honduras, government encouraged killings of activists continues to take place in that country. There have been six killings in February and March alone. Since the coup last June, there have been dozens of killings of union activists and of members of the Honduran National Resistance Front (FNRP), which has called for a Constitutional convention and a peaceful change in the political system.
A textbook case occurred on March 23, when hooded gunmen invaded the high school where FNRP member Jose Manuel Flores was teaching and killed him in front of his students. It is unknown whether the gunmen were police or paramilitaries, because the Minister of Government has instituted and maintained the practice of having hooded police participate in raids. It is also known that landowners have imported right wing paramilitaries from Colombia to do their "clensing" of union and other leaders and activists.
On March 27, two investigating journalists were ambushed and murdered.
If you want to protest the situation in Honduras, or call for our government to investigate and speak out against these gross violations of human rights, the Honduras desk at the State Department can be reached at 202-647-3482. I have gone to voice mail each time, but I think it is important that they hear from as many people as possible.
And pray for the people of Honduras, that they may be delivered from this terrible time.
Frank Schneider

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