Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Moving into 2010

We are entering a new decade. Some who are history sticklers say that actually the new decade does not begin until next year, but at any rate, we are into a new year. The decade began with us holding our breath as our computerized world clock rolled over to 2000. We breathed a sigh of relief when the world did not crash. Over the decade we have experienced the horror of September 11 and we have celebrated as we watched history being made with the election of the country's first African American president. As a nation we have entered two wars and continue to see thousands of Americans engaged in conflict – with over 3,400 Americans dead and thousands of Iraq soldiers and civilians the reality of war making haunts us. We have seen our consumer economy take a nose dive, watching helpless the impact of greed and profiteering. In this recession the exposure of the level of that greed was astounding and as a result many continue to suffer from under or unemployment. As a nation our reputation also took a nose dive as we tortured people in the name of "making America safe,” and which actually did the opposite. In the final days of 2009, we watched the Senate pass a health care reform bill that we hope will begin to address the complicated issues around the uninsured and escalating systemic cost. As we step into 2010, may our challenges be met with a new spirit of cooperation both nationally and internationally that will address the urgent issues that threaten our planet: global warming, a rise in religious fundamentalism, poverty, war and national arrogance. While enormous issues continue to face us as a people, we can hope that there will continue to be great advancements in scientific and technology discoveries and social collaboration that can lead us into a stronger global village. May the true meaning of peace (well being for all - plants and animals included) - edge us closer to our fuller selves in 2010.John Hobbs, pastor

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