Friday, July 24, 2009

Dr. Gates

In response to Maria Haberfeld’s comments on, defending the police officers actions because of the potential danger that are a part of the day to day life of officers I wrote to CNN saying: While it is true that police officers come with stories and life experience that inform their judgments and actions, so would Dr. Gates “make decisions based not just on a given situation but also based on his prior experience.” Dr. Gates as an African American would know all too well the statistics around profiling and harassment that has been a long history of the interactions between law enforcement officers and African Americans. Dr. Gates knows the dangers and even the deadly potential these encounters carry. Therefore, both men came to the encounter informed by their life experience – each I would imagine, mistrustful of the other. These encounters demonstrate that we have much work to do within our society to build bridges of trust – racism continues to divide us and keep us specious of the other – a sad reality.

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