Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Lent - we are invited to ponder

Lent is a time of reflecting upon our world and our contributions to that world. Often Lent has been seen as a season of inward focus, a season that calls us to reflect upon one’s personal spirituality. Lent is much bigger than that, much larger than us. While Lent does offer opportunities for personal reflection, our faith calls us well beyond our private spirituality. It invites us toward a “world” spirituality. This is a spirituality that is grounded in the reality of the state of our world and to acknowledge honestly the mess it is in. In today’s world, we cannot afford to privatize Lent.

While browsing the web today, I discovered a sobering web-site – a site listing the 3,948 Americans who have been killed in Iraq. When I caught my breath when I saw the thousands of names, I began to notice their ages – most were in their 20’s. Then I noticed their faces. The link to the pages is:
Lent invites us to ponder …

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